Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Up until a couple of years ago, the only means to obtain a feature-rich hosting package was to purchase a dedicated server. As a consequence of recent software app improvements, virtual web servers have been introduced and they’ve quickly turned into one of the most famous web hosting solutions as they offer no-holds-barred performance at a very affordable rate. Also known as a VPS web hosting or a virtual dedicated server, this hosting server is a great solution for heavy resource-absorbing web pages.

VPS Web Hosting – Is It Better Than Shared Hosting?

A small number of virtual servers are created on a physical server, sharing its resources. Each virtual private server behaves exactly like a dedicated hosting server and its system resources are guaranteed, including the CPU usage, RAM memory and hard disk storage space quotas. These system resources are much higher than those offered by any shared hosting package, so a Virtual Server is the most suitable choice for resource-demanding script-powered web sites with numerous viewers, or if you want to host a big quantity of domains in the same account.

The Virtualization Interface of a VPS Web Hosting Server.

Each virtual private server is administered via a CP GUI, regularly referenced as a virtualization interface. This tool permits you to reboot the entire private virtual hosting server or separate services like HTTP, MySQL, etc., to supervise and administer all running programs and to examine the consumed and the unused resources. As you will get complete root access, you can also install server-side apps that may be necessary for given script-based platforms to function, view comprehensive web traffic statistics and history of all the tasks running on the VPS web hosting. One of the best qualities of the virtualization backend is that you can use it to easily activate a web hosting CP on the private virtual web hosting server.

The Hosting Control Panel of a VPS Web Hosting.

There are lots of separate CPs, but some of them are more popular than the others – Hepsia, cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. If you buy a VPS web hosting, you can utilize the hosting Control Panel that the web hosting corporation is providing, or you can install your own. This tool will permit you to administer domain names, files, databases, FTP accounts, e-mail boxes and everything that has to do with your web hosting account. Administering a Virtual Server account is not different from managing a shared website hosting account, so if you have any experience with the latter, there won’t be anything unfamiliar to you if you get a VPS web hosting. More proficient users can access the VPS hosting server through SSH as well.

Earn Profit With Your Private Virtual Server.

One of the benefits of managing a Private Virtual Server is that specific hosting CP user interfaces include a reseller admin level, so you can create and sell hosting plans. You can even set up reseller accounts and have other people do the whole job for you, so while you have a virtual hosting server for your sites, you can also make good money by offering the system resources that you do not utilize. The reseller and hosting Control Panel tools can be combined with invoicing and customer support tools such as WHMCS, AWBS or ClientExec, which permits you to create different plans, to bill your clients directly and to offer a 24x7x365 support service. As you obtain complete server root access to the Virtual Private Server, you will be able to activate any server-side software applications or libraries that your clients may require for their websites, so you will have an advantage over hosting corporations that deliver shared hosting services and cannot install such software apps.

VPS Web Hosting Solutions by NetService Hosting.

A virtual private server provides a perfect balance between performance and price and is the most suitable solution for mid-sized heavy resource-consuming sites such as web shops, social networking web sites or company portals. With us, you can take a glimpse at a couple of different VPS packages that offer billing and client support software, a domain reseller account, and a hosting Control Panel tool of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to utilize the Virtual Private Server in any way you desire – for personal web hosting purposes or to set up a reseller hosting business.

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